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Calcium Products Celebrates 30 Years

Golf Outing

Calcium Products is celebrating 30 years in business this summer! This milestone leads us to look back on our history with gratefulness, while strengthening our focus on the future.

We want to thank you, our customers, for your business and loyalty throughout the last 30 years. Whether you’ve worked with us for one year or all 30, we genuinely appreciate your support of Calcium Products.

Without our employees, none of our success would be possible. We want to thank and acknowledge them for all their hard work over the years. We are fortunate to have a team that is talented and dedicated to creating a positive customer experience. In June, we hosted an all company golf outing to celebrate our 30 years. (Photo above.)

As we look to the future, we’re committed to creating high-quality products that assist in progressive farming and turfgrass management practices, as well as building long-term relationships with our customers. We currently have plans in place to grow our sales team and add additional production capacity to support our future sales growth. We believe this combination will deliver success for Calcium Products and our customers throughout the next 30 years.


What is SuperCal SO4?

Over the past few weeks, people have asked is what is SuperCal SO4?

SuperCal SO4 is pelletized gypsum, however we put in a crazy amount of extra time and effort to ensure our products are highly effective. We call it the SuperCal Advantage and it consists of three components

Purity                          Particle Size                       Precision 


SuperCal SO4 is a true dihydrate gypsum mined from one of the purest sources of gypsum on earth. Many people think, gypsum is gypsum, however science shows us this is just not so. Check out this test from Pace Turf .

gypusm bars

We’ve also spent extra time and effort to test many sources of gypsum, and none compare to SuperCal.

Particle Size Matters

When it comes to mined gypsum, none are ground finer prior to pellitization than SuperCal. The combination of purity and particle size results in the highest dissolution rates in the industry.

Why I am telling you this?

Gypsum is a rock, and if you cannot get it to dissolve in the soil solution it won’t work. Gypsum, limestone and fertilizer all must dissolve in the soil solution to be effective! Large particles don’t react in enough time for you to see benefit from it.

We Pelletize for Precision

The reason we pelletize is to ensure our very pure, finely ground SuperCal SO4 spreads evenly for maximum effectiveness. With nearly 30 years in the industry, we have perfected a formulation resulting in low dust and precise spreading on every acre. Poorly applied product costs the grower yield.

A study from Virginia Tech confirms what the farmer knows, “The results of this research proved conclusively that non–uniform application of fertilizers resulted in less total yield than uniformly applied fertilizers even though the same total rate per acre had been applied in each case. The loss in yield due to lower than recommended rates of application far exceeded the slight increase in yield obtained from excess application over the recommended rate.”

clumps stipes  

 Whether its wet or dry, bulk gypsum won’t spread well.

The other issue with finely ground gypsum is drift loss. The chart below was developed from a USDA program that was developed to predict the motion of spray material released from various devices connected to an aircraft. Values and assumptions were modified to match that of a dry material in a rotary spreader in an agricultural setting.


 Based on this work, you could see up to 25% or more drift from a bulk applied product. The finer and dryer a product, the farther and greater the drift!

Only SuperCal SO4 ensures you the highest quality, most effective product in the market, backed by over 20 years of success and farms all across North America.

Here is one mutli-year study by Iowa State. Wider yield differences were experienced early in the study due to application on known sulfur deficient soils. Regardless, the consistent yield improvements speak for themselves.


ISU Trial data

For farmers that demand consistent repeatable responses from their inputs, SuperCal SO4 is the only market proven product. If you still have questions, give anyone of our staff a call!

More Helpful Links:

SuperCal SO4 Product Page

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Product Videos

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December Holiday Hours 2012

We're excited about the upcoming holidays and want to make sure our employees have time to celebrate with their families. That is why we will be closed for a few days. Please note the upcoming holiday hours:

Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) - loading feed lime only until noon at Gilmore City. All other facilities CLOSED.

Dec. 25 (Christmas) - CLOSED, all facilities

Dec. 31 (New Year's eve) - loading feed lime only until 3 p.m. at Gilmore City. All other facilities CLOSED.

Jan. 1 (New Year's day) - CLOSED, all facilities.


We hope you have a very wonderful holiday season with your family & friends!


Check out this soil seminar in September!

Our friends at Midwestern BioAg are hosting a soil seminar on Sept. 5 in Washington, Ia. We're pleased to support the event and I'm excited to be one of the presenters. 

Topics include sulfur, drought-proofing soils, manure, trace minerals and more. Download the invite here.

We'd love to see you there!


Yield Starts Here is a blog for farmers, focusing on increasing yield and profitability by focusing on the soil. It is managed by Craig Dick, the blogronomist and VP of sales and marketing at Calcium Products. Find other articles by Craig and guest writers at      


Happy 4th of July!


The Calcium Products family wishes you and your family a very happy, sparkly, patriotism-filled fourth of July! It feels a bit weird to celebrate mid-week but Independence Day is such a wonderful thing to celebrate. Hope you have time with family/friends, get to see a parade &/or some fireworks and taste some yummy Americana dishes like ice cream, sweet corn, homemade pie or burgers from the grill!



21st Century Agronomic Illiterates

 Alvin Toffler, former editor of Fortune magazine, writer and futurist said "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn"

What have you had to unlearn and relearn in regards to agronomic principles?


Leave your comments below or head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment!


Yield Starts Here is a blog for farmers, focusing on increasing yield and profitability by focusing on the soil. It is managed by Craig Dick, a Blogronomist and Sales and Marketing Manager at Calcium Products. Find other articles by Craig and guest writers at .





Iowa Soybean Association Spotlights Limestone

The Iowa Soybean association in its weekly On-Farm Advance newsletter discussed limestone last week. Overall we thought the article was good, the more information the better. Also Dr. Blackmer did an excellent job in his presentation at the annual conference, which we encourage you to look at.  There were a couple of items in the newsletter we wanted to address. See our comments below italicized.
Lime is an added cost that farmers incur on a routine schedule. If you are using N, then you should be applying the equivalent offsetting amount of lime each year to maintain proper balance. Saying lime is an added cost is like saying N or seed is an added costs. It should be a necessary and important first step in any fertility plan. Why put on more P on a 5.0 pH soil? 50% of all soil P is unavailable at that pH.
Different liming products affect soil pH differently. Because they go into solution at different rates.
When buying liming products, be sure you know the composition relative to calcium carbonate (the Calcium Carbonate Equivalent). CCE is based on a laboratory standard (AOAC 955.01) this test has no relation to how a lime material will react in the soil. This is calculated by the fineness of the material as well as its chemical makeup. ECCE is the test which is calculated using a fineness factor and the CCE which is the chemical makeup. However it does not give adequate credit for a finely ground lime material. In Iowa the test stops at 60 mesh, though testing shows solubility of a 60 mesh is very low versus 100 mesh lime and thus the 100 mesh is much more effective at changing pH.  
Also remember that surface applied lime will work more slowly to neutralize H ions in the soil than lime that is mixed into the soil profile by tillage. While you do get some soil to lime particle contact and could increase the speed a lime will react, the main component of how fast a lime will go to work is rate of dissolution. This is governed by the geological structure of the lime and the particle size of the lime.
For us at Calcium Products, Inc, is very important that the correct terms are used in liming (ECC vrs ECCE, etc.). There is much confusion in the market place and I believe it is partly due to people not being specific in what they are talking about and partly because lime as always been an after-thought.  Our aim is to correct this, lime should be a foundation crop nutrition product and since we think about lime at least 50% of the time (gypsum the other 50% of our time, of course!) we can focus on it and make sure it gets explained properly.
Thanks again to the ISA’s On-Farm Network Staff for the great information and getting people to think about lime!
Yield Starts Here is a blog for farmers, focusing on increasing yield and profitability by focusing on the soil. It is managed by Craig Dick, a blogronomist and sales and marketing manager at Calcium Products. Find other articles by Craig and guest writers at

Sulfur in soybeans

The Iowa Soybean On-Farm Network just sent out an email reporting some data from their trials with our SuperCal SO4. Check out their message:

Sulfur Trials Show Varied Response

There’s been much discussion of sulfur deficiency in Iowa in recent years, but few farmers have actually observed it in their field.

For the past 3 years, growers working with the On-Farm Network® have been using replicated strip trials to look at sulfur-containing fertilizers in an attempt to determine whether these can bring up yields on fields where soil type, management and other conditions might make them prone to sulfur deficiency. We would not expect to see a response on fields where manure has been used recently, or, in general, on soils with more than 2% organic matter content.

Shown here are photos from one of the trial fields in 2011, where visual differences were observed early in the growing season. The field is located in Black Hawk County, with a mix of mostly Finchford, Sparta, Dickinson and Chelsea sandy loam soils. 

Individual plant photos here were typical for the differences between the treated and untreated strips. Aerial imagery in early July and again in August continued to show differences between the strips. It’s quite easy to pick out the strips in these images.

The visual differences seen in this particular trial were greater than those from other 2011 trials. Soil and tissue sample analysis in August showed that sulfur levels for both were higher in the treated strips than in the untreated strips in most of the trials. Yield response for all trials with sulfur products ranges from 2 to nearly 8 bu. per acre. We expected to see a difference in the trial pictured because of the sandy, low organic matter soils.

Click here for additional information on 2011 crop nutrient trials. When the new screen opens, scroll down the page to the Plant Nutrition section.



A Salute to our Veterans

 Calcium Products, Inc. would like to thank all our Veterns, especially our employee veterans;

  • Larry
  • Jim
  • Glen
  • Moe
  • A. J.
  • Tommy
  • David
  • Dezi
  • Jimmy
  • Sly

We are proud to have these veterans as part of our team!

Today we honor your service, your dedication and sacrifice. 

Thank you for our freedom!


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