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Participants Needed for Pelletized Lime Study

Article courtesy of On-Farm Network

 The ISA On-Farm Network has agreed to conduct up to 20 replicated strip trials with Calcium Products, Inc. to evaluate SuperCal 98G to neutralize acidic soils and how corn and soybean yields are affected as a result of these applications. 


Lime spreader

Trials can be established on fields either this fall or before planting next spring, using an application of 800 lbs. per acre of SuperCal 98G in replicated strips, alternated with no lime application as shown in the example.  

"We're looking for fields with recent soil tests that have areas with pH values lower than 6.0," says Pat Reeg, On-Farm Network operations manager.  He says one reason for these 20 replicated strip trials is to see how quickly SuperCal 98G changes soil pH in real on-farm conditions. To monitor this change in pH, 18 targeted soil samples (9 from each treatment) will be collected before the SuperCal 98G is applied and again annually from the same locations.    A complete soil test analysis including chloride pH determination will be conducted with these samples.  


Field trial map


In addition to sampling, georeferenced yield data will be collected from the replicated strips to compare the benefits on both soybeans and corn. Aerial imagery will also be collected to identify any visual differences between the treatments and for quality control purposes.  

Dr. Andrew Hoiberg with Calcium Products indicates that less SuperCal 98G can be spread as compared with standard aglimes due to the particle size distribution and source purity differences between the products. 

"Particle size is very important liming material re-activity in soil," Hoiberg says.  "Our product is ground more finely than aglime before pellitization, and comes from a very pure limestone source.  The finer grind and greater purity of this product means we are able to realize a more rapid pH change with less material as we don't have to account for the larger particle sizes found in aglime that can take years to react, or may never fully react during the course of a traditional liming program."

Hoiberg says besides having less material to haul and spread, and the pelletized nature of SuperCal 98G ensures that it's easy to spread alone or in a blend with other dry fertilizer products.  

If you have a field with areas of low pH and would like to participate in the study, email Pat Reeg or call him at 515-669-9184.  The On-Farm Network will coordinate the targeted sample collection and assist in designing the treatment layout based on the application width of the spreader.  Calcium Products will reimburse either growers or their dealers for SuperCal 98G used for these trials.  This project is limited to only 20 trials so please contact us soon! 



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