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It has what plants crave...

Winter is a busy time for the sales staff at Calcium Products. We attend lots of meetings, conferences and events. Many times we get to share the stage with other manufacturers. Many of these companies will tell you the secret to why their product is so great is, “it's powered by (insert any nebulous word, scientific sounding description or acronym here)." They'll follow it with a strong pitch of "our results speak for themselves," and "trust us, it really works great, we know you’ll love it!"

This is all well and good but if the sales person doesn’t understand the mode of action, physics and/or chemistry and biology behind their product, how do you, the agronomist or farmer, actually know it is a fit for your agronomic needs?

Many of these pitches remind me of the 2006 movie “Idocracy.” The premise is an 'average Joe,' is frozen for 500 years and awakes to find society has become so incredibly dumb he is now the smartest person alive. The following clip shows Joe, now on the president’s cabinet, explaining why crops are not growing. Note: Brawndo is the future’s equivalent of a sports drink.

At Calcium Products, we strive to help farmers and agronomist understand WHY our products work so well. We’ll help you understand the science of soil so you have the information to know whether our products are a fit for your acres. It’s that simple. No hard sale, no jargon, just information.

Oh and in case you missed it, don’t sign up for any Army studies to be frozen for 500 years, people are getting dumber according to a Standford geneticist!


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