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Second cutting alfalfa is fast approaching and many are still fighting Yellow Rocket.

In many years the easiest way to take care of weeds in alfalfa was to wait until first cutting. In the mowing process weed pressure is eliminated. But have you really done any good?

While weeds may not be visible for the remainder of the year (in most years), you still have not solved anything. The soil conditions have not changed because you cut alfalfa. Also you give up quality of the first cutting, which is costing you money!

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 Second cutting is near, Yellow Rocket taking over


So this year cutting alfalfa didn't get rid of Yellow Rocket, you might choose to spray your alfalfa with a herbicide. While this may get rid of the weeds, you will also have a harvest interval, and the possibility of killing soil biology which will reduce yields.

Since spraying will cost $20-$30 per acre why not treat the soil imbalances which is causing the Yellow Rocket outbreak? SuperCal SO4 will reduce magnesium in the soil, making it drain better and reducing the amount of Yellow Rocket germination.

As an added benefit your adding calcium and sulfur, two of the most used nutrients by alfalfa. The increase in quality and tonnage will more than pay for the cost of the product.

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