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Liming Key to Fertilizer Utilization

Many farmers are bracing for the fall fertilizer season. The cost of dry fertilizers this fall is expected to be at all time highs. For farmers looking to increase production and reach high corn yields while reducing input costs seems impossible.


Soil pH testing is the best place to start when planning a fertility program. Having low pH causes plant nutrients to be tied up. According to research done by Midwest Laboratories, a pH of 6.5 ties up 24% of available phosphorus. If your pH is 6.0, then P tie-up increases to 48%, and 24% of N is not available to your crops.


The cost of not liming soil at a 6.0 pH, 200-bushel corn goal:

Nitrogen  @ $0.60/# 

 24% unavailable  

 140#'s = $84

 $20 /a in wasted inputs


Phosphates @ $0.48/#


 48% unavailable  

70#’s  = $34/a

$16/a in wasted inputs

$36/a lost in wasted inputs


Yield loss of corn, resulting from low pH, 34 bushels, priced at $3.50 =

$119/a lost in yield reduction due to low pH


The economic loss of farming ground with low pH is astounding. Keeping you soil at neutral pH will pay for itself many times over.


SuperCal 98G can eliminate the yield loss and fertilizer tie-up associated with acid soils. By applying a few hundred pounds as part of a maintenance fertility plan, the high cost of traditional ag lime programs can be eliminated.


The high price of soybeans have you thinking of growing more beans. Low pH creates an even bigger yield loss, 20% with a 5.7 pH. Testing has shown that even 200 pounds can return over 4 bushels on soybeans.


Stop wasting high cost fertilizer, applying SuperCal 98G makes fertilizer work better!



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