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Land Value Still Rising

According to an article in Iowa Farmer Today, the land value in Iowa has increased 16.5 percent over the past year. That’s great news for investors, terrible news for guys trying to expand their operations.

There is an old saying that you should always buy land, they don’t make anymore. There is also another saying; you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. So what should one do, commodities are at an all time high, increasing acres would mean a substantial gain in income. If prices fall, you’re stuck with high land payments, higher input costs, and possibly not enough revenue to cover costs.

We suggest maximizing yield, over high priced land purchases.

Use the increased revenue to find ways to improve your yields

If the nation wide average is only 150 bushels, and top yields are making 300 bushels or more. Why are you not growing 300 bushels corn? You’re already selecting top hybrids, and following established crop protection guidelines.

 Take care of your soil first. By taking an in-depth analysis of your soil, applying the needed amendments, and following established tillage guidelines are the first steps in creating better soil on your farm. Remember First Things First.


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