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Polo Horses and Ammonia?

This week there was a sad article on the sudden death of the Venezuelan polo horses. It's still not clear what has killed the horses. My opinion is that they were poisoned, though we will find out in a few days for sure.

This article reminds me of a book I had read, Bread From Stones. In the book they talk about how a Calvary group had a number of their horses mysteriously die. They found out that if they didn't keep the bedding straw clean that the horses could be overcome by ammonia.

The ammonia comes from the animals urine and in realatively low amounts can be fatal to horses. The OSHA guidelines for humans is 15 minutes at 35 ppm. Many of our confinement animal operations are much higher than this for the life of the animals.

At Calcium Products we take the health of animals seriously, but we also do not disregard the needs of the farmer. SuperCal SO4 can help keep ammonia low, bedding material high quality for fertilizer, animals happy, and farmers profitable.

I am in Fayetteville, Arkansas today to meet with Dr. Susan Watkins and her team to see how effective SO4 can be in poultry operations and to see if any of our experimental manure treatments are any better. We'll keep you posted on the results.



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