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7 Sundays of Rain?

It has finally dried out enough that trucks are starting to roll out of here and our farmer customers and dealers are getting some work done. Spring is finally here! While conditions are great now, I was reminded by a farmer in Nebraska about another weather folk saying.

“If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain every Sunday for 7 weeks.” He actually heard it from me last year, I had heard it on the radio. We tracked the weather and it rained on Easter last year and we say 6 Sunday’s of rain.

So with rain in the predictions for this weekend what does that mean?

Well it might rain and it might not. According to The last three times it rained on Easter came in 2001, 2003 and 2006. Each of those years, it rained on Easter but did not rain on the following Sundays. Still, it did rain four out of the next seven Sundays.

If this weather story is like others (fog days), it is rooted in a long tradition of our ancestors observing what is going on and taking good records. Something we don’t tend to do as well at these days. It’s good to be aware of things like this so you’re not surprised when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

If it rains or it doesn’t, don’t let it ruin your year, you can’t change the weather anyway!

Enjoy the weekend with friends and family and take some time this growing season to lean on the pick-up and just watch your corn grow, you might observe something you had not seen scouting through 2-50 vision!

Just for fun here are some other Easter weather sayings.

“Rain on Good Friday is “raining on a rock,” according to weather lore, meaning a dry growing season.”

“A white Christmas will bring a green Easter and a green Christmas will bring a white Easter.”

A fun website that disscuss some Easter history and traditions

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