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India to Use Gypsum and Lime to Increase Yields

The Ministry of Ag in India is including gypsum and lime as part of a 10 part plan to increase yields. If India gets it why are "experts" here in the United States so reluctant to promote the benefits of gypsum? See the whole ten part plan below.


Government Adopt Strategies To Increase Productivity Of Rice

Capital Market / 09:39 , Jun 11, 2010
As per the latest release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Sowing of rice is picking up. In Assam, the crop has been sown in 3.5 lakh hectares area and 65 thousand hectares in West Bengal. According to latest data available, rice has been sown in 6.23  lakh ha in different paddy growing states in the country. The following strategies are adopted for increasing the productivity of rice in different States: 
1.     Expansion of areas under rice by increasing cropping intensity specially in the States of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Eastern U.P. and West Bengal.
2.     Enhancing the yield through adoption of short duration /location specific varieties
hybrids well supported by improved package of practices in Integrated Cereals Development Programme in Rice Based Cropping System Areas (ICDP-Rice) under Macro Management in non NFSM districts.
3.     Increasing the coverage under irrigation in the Eastern Region of the country through the development of minor irrigation by using ground water which is in abundance in the region.
4.      Amelioration of soil with lime application in acidic soils especially in Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand and with gypsum in alkaline/saline soils for enhancing the land productivity.
5.      Enhancing the seed replacement rate in ICDP -Rice under Macro Management in -NFSM districts with area specific high yielding varieties.
6.      Promotion of cultivation of hybrid rice.
7.      Integrated and balanced use of nutrients and need based use of micro nutrients on the basis of soil tests.
8.      Promotion of farm mechanization particularly cono weeder for weeding in rice.
9.      Promotion system of rice intensification (SRI) in identified districts under upland 
conditions with assured irrigation facilities
10.  Integrated pest management for minimizing crop losses and enhancing returns to the farmers.
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