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Today I received the October 2011 issue of CropLife, the magazine of a trade group that represents the developers, manufacturers, formulators and distributors of plant science solutions for agriculture and pest management in the United States. The cover story was a feature on precision services an there was one other article as well as 9 more mentions of precision ag. Why do I bring this up?

With all the focus on precision ag, why are is the lime your spreading from 1960?








You spent good money to have your fields grid sampled, spent some more to have your lime applied by variable rate, so why do you put up with it blowing off the field.  


Why not choose the lime product that is a truly precision lime, SuperCal 98G. Spreads evenly and gets to the soil!



Sure you can get ag lime delivered to your field, but how do you know how much moisture is in it? How much water are you buying? This fall it is likely dry so how much blew out of the truck and off the field before it was spread?

When I worked in retail ag, the number one complaint from farmers was, you always spread my lime on a windy day.

Here is a news flash, it’s always windy in the Midwest, and the floater is driving at 15 MPH, you are going to have drift, PERIOD!

The number 2 complaint was, it didn't seem to do anything. All lime isn't the same, coarse ag lime simply doesn't work, the fines blow away, the only people that benefited from spreading ag lime is the quarry and the guy that hauled it.

This fall switch to a product with 17 years of proven performance, no magnesium, less than 1% moisture, doesn't drift, and actually changes soil pH and delivers results.

Call us at 800-255-8196, we'll be glad to show you how easy, switching to  precision lime can be!

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