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Lime Only Works if it Hits the Soil

This Sunday I worked outside, it was a little windy but not as bad as it has been. I was still really surprised to see a local agronomy center out spreading ag lime. 

As you know limestone must be ground fine for it to be effective, but unfortunately most of it doesn't reach the soil.

The old joke is that "at least my neighbor gets something out of it" which is really dumb since I doubt the neighbor brings you a load of grain at harvest.

In reality, 100 mesh particles, which there are a lot of in Gilmore City ag lime, are microscopic. It takes a lot of lime particles to make up these big clouds, it could be 25% or higher of the total volume. These small particles actually drift much farther then the neighbors, or the neighboring county; it's more like the neighboring states! Even if you get ag lime spread with limited drift, it rarely stays there.

This field had ag lime applied, after the snow melts you can see the drift

Then there is the old saying that ag lime needs to be worked in, here is a guy that put on finely ground lime and is working it in, or should we say de-spreading it.

The last couple of weeks have been extremely windy in this part of the country, I have seen more than one lime pile assist in in the application process this fall.

I really feel sorry for the farmer that thinks because he paid to have his ag lime precision spread that is what he is getting. Unfortunately with ag lime there is no way to effectively and accurately apply it.

With finely ground ag lime you have to put more out just to ensure you get a few hundred pounds per acre where you want it. With coarse ground lime you have to put out tons to make sure you get a few hundred pounds of reactive lime to the soil.

Why not start out with less total product in a form that is effective and doesn't drift? With SuperCal 98G less is best.


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