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Wondering about nutrient levels?

Calcium Products, Inc. is once again sponsoring trials with the Iowa Soybean Associations On-Farm Network. While it’s too late to conduct a SuperCal SO4 trial, you can still be a part of their groundbreaking Nutrient Benchmarking Project. This is perfect for the farmer wondering about nutrient levels in his field who wants an opinion on fertility from someone that doesn’t sell fertilizer, or just wants to improve their fertility program. Calcium Products, Inc., highly recommends Iowa farmers take part in this tremendous program.   Yield Starts Here is a blog for farmers, focusing on increasing yield and profitability by focusing on the soil. It is managed by Craig Dick, a blogronomist and VP of sales and marketing at Calcium Products. Find other articles by Craig and guest writers at

2012 Trial Opportunities

 The Iowa Soybean Association still need fields in some Iowa counties for the High Intensity Soybean Management trials and SuperCal SO4. If  you're interested in participating in these and haven't already done so, please contact Matt Sweeney immediately ( or 515-334-1048). In addition to these trials, there are several other trial opportunities available. For both corn and soybeans, they're continuing plant population and plant nutrition studies. Other possibilities for soybean trials include plant health, insect control, and seed treatment. For corn, we're continuing our usual nitrogen and manure management trials as well.  Growers interested in any of these can find more information at the On-Farm Network website. A convenient on-line trial sign-up form will be posted very soon. Look for it in the "What's New" section on the left side of the On-Farm Network home page. Related Links:     Yield Starts Here is a…

Iowa Soybean Association Spotlights Limestone

The Iowa Soybean association in its weekly On-Farm Advance newsletter discussed limestone last week. Overall we thought the article was good, the more information the better. Also Dr. Blackmer did an excellent job in his presentation at the annual conference, which we encourage you to look at.  There were a couple of items in the newsletter we wanted to address. See our comments below italicized.   Lime is an added cost that farmers incur on a routine schedule. If you are using N, then you should be applying the equivalent offsetting amount of lime each year to maintain proper balance. Saying lime is an added cost is like saying N or seed is an added costs. It should be a necessary and important first step in any fertility plan. Why put on more P on a 5.0 pH soil? 50% of all soil P is unavailable at that pH.  …

Sulfur in soybeans

The Iowa Soybean On-Farm Network just sent out an email reporting some data from their trials with our SuperCal SO4. Check out their message: Sulfur Trials Show Varied Response There’s been much discussion of sulfur deficiency in Iowa in recent years, but few farmers have actually observed it in their field. For the past 3 years, growers working with the On-Farm Network® have been using replicated strip trials to look at sulfur-containing fertilizers in an attempt to determine whether these can bring up yields on fields where soil type, management and other conditions might make them prone to sulfur deficiency. We would not expect to see a response on fields where manure has been used recently, or, in general, on soils with more than 2% organic matter content. Shown here are photos from one of the trial fields in 2011, where visual differences were observed early in the growing season. The…

ISA On-Farm Trial Update

If you've been following this blog then you know we are working with the Iowa Soybean Association's On-Farm Network to place trials of SuperCal SO4 around Iowa to compare using sulfur. In a follow up to the report from June 15th, Corn Showing Signs of Sulfur Deficincy, this plot along with two others near Waverly, IA are still showing a visual response to SuperCal SO4. The first field is 3-4 leaves ahead of the check, with plants aready tasseling and silking. The check rows are 3-4' shorter, and ears have not started shooting off the stalk yet. Please enoy these pictures and we'll update you further once ISA has released the final data. Corn Trial #1 dark green strips SuperCal SO4    SO4 Treatment on the Left, Check on the right SO4 treatment on the right, check on the left. SuperCal SO4 was not applied to the endrows SuperCal SO4 on the…


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