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Crop Nutrient Deficiency App

Hard to believe its been almost 2 years since we first did a blog on Smart phones apps for farmers. We have another addition: The Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Library for iPhone and iPad by IPNI. This app is a comprehensive collection of crop nutrient deficiency photos. A range of nutrient deficiency examples are provided for 14 prominent crops. Text and diagrammatic descriptions are also provided. While we think this app is great and can help you diagnose a problem, we highly suggest soil testing and making sure you are fertilizing for the most deficient nutrients. Did you know that some nutrients can take up to two weeks before a visible deficiency occurs? It can take another two weeks to correct the deficiency. That whole time you are losing yield you can never recover. Even worse you can have nutrient deficiency that are not severe enough to show visual signs.…

Calcium Reduces Many Plant Diseases

I got a new book this week, Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease, Edited by Lawrence E. Datnoff, Wade H. Elmer, and Don Huber. It is really heavy reading, it isn't the kind of book you sit down by a fire with and read at one setting. Its 278 pages of scientific journal papers showing which mineral deficiency (or excess) are the under lying cause of plant disease. Over the course of the next few month I hope to use this a a reference for this blog. I will try and break out some points that farmers and agronomist will find helpful. My pain is your gain, but for the references you'll need to buy the book.   Take Chapter 6, Calcium and Plant Disease, pg 82; Cephalosporium Stripe in wheat was significantly reduced when liming soils from a 5.1 to 6 pH. Pythium in wheat was inhibited with two applications of 440…

Calcium's Role in Plant Nutrition

In researching how calcium affects nutrient uptake of other fertilizers I found an article Calcium's Role in Plant Nutrition from the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation. Summary:  Calcium availability is essential in the biochemistry of plants and, as we are learning, in the nitrogen fertilizer efficiency of surface-applied urea.  We should not confuse the role of important soil amendments such as lime or gypsum with the need of soluble calcium by high-value crops. Both are extremely important in soil fertility and plant nutrition and complement each other.

Recap of Bob Streit's Talk at ICCC

  For those of you that missed hearing Bob Streit last week, here is a recap from the Fort Dodge Messenger     2011 crop challenges outlined Controlling weeds, pests, diseases leading the list February 6, 2011 - By KRISS NELSON, For The Messenger FORT DODGE - There appears to be a trend in more growers applying residual pre-plant herbicides again, due not only to recent wet springs, which have hindered timely herbicide applications, but to help control the increasing problem of resistant weeds.   That assessment was offered by Bob Streit, an independent crop consultant, Monday to 20 producers attending his second of two presentations featuring crop challenges for 2011 at Iowa Central Community College. "We are still seeing Roundup-resistant varieties being planted, but are also seeing a switch back to pre-plant herbicides," said Streit. "Guys are learning they shouldn't have relied completely on Roundup as a (sole) means…


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