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IPFS Presentation Sulfur Deficiency in the Upper Midwest

It's been a great week at the Iowa Power Farming Show. This year Dr. Andrew Hoiberg presented each day to growers on Sulfur Deficiency in the Upper Midwest. The key take a ways are: Sulfur deficiency is often confused with Nitrogen deficiency, know what you are looking at. Prior to 2005 little sulfur deficiency was observed Sandy and loamy soils may exhibit more problems. Soil tests may not adequately show a need for sulfur nutrition Tissue tests of less than 0.25% Sulfur should show a response Iowa State has documented yield increases of 7-18 bu / acre with applications of as little as 15 lbs /a sulfur   This Blogronomist article was written by Andrew Hoiberg, Director of Research and development. Here you will find a wide array of blog articles from Andrew and expert guests on topics related to soil and crop health, farming, and so much more. If it’s…

SuperCal SO4 Success

Recently, we received an update from a cooperator involved with our ‘Prove It’ strip trial program. SuperCal SO4 was applied at 200 lbs/acre this spring to a farm located in northern Iowa in advance of corn planting and the results so far are visually stunning.  Sulfur is increasingly being recognized as the fourth major plant nutrient after the “big three” of N, P and K. Its importance in agriculture is becoming more widely accepted as the supply of S in older fertilizer/pesticide chemistry and that supplied from the atmosphere can no longer be counted upon.  Low levels of sulfur in the soil limit the efficiency of added nitrogen, which means if you are applying more N to overcome yellow plants and slow early season growth, you throwing your money away. Nitrogen and sulfur deficiencies are commonly confused, but sulfur deficiency is easily identified by yellowing of the upper leaves (as…

Update from Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network on Sulfur

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Iowa Soybean Association’s On-Farm Network (OFN) conference in Ames. One of the highlights of the conference for me was the presentation by Dr. Tracy Blackmer about sulfur. Sulfur application over the past 30 years was generally considered non-essential due to the high levels found in our atmosphere from power plant emissions high in sulfur, thereby satisfying plant needs. Times and emission standards have changed and, as a result, sulfur levels are much lower in atmosphere and soil than they were in 80s and 90s. Dr. Blackmer observed sulfur deficient corn in recent years and even dug out some old photos during his time at the University of Nebraska that showed sulfur deficiencies—at the time unnoticed, which was very surprising to him. Perhaps we have negated the benefits of sulfur application for far too long! Gypsum (calcium sulfate) is a great source of sulfur…

Blending SO4 with fertilizers

We got a question today on Twitter about blending calcium sulfate with other fertilizers so we're sharing the answer with everyone.... Our SuperCal SO4 gypsum (calcium sulfate) is compatible with any standard fertilizer. You should blend it to meet our application rate on the bag. Target your application at roughly 10-20 lbs of our product per 1000 square feet.  Our calcium sulfate is analyzed at (0-0-0-21Ca, 17S), so for each 100 lbs of product, there is 21 lbs calcium and 17 lbs sulfate. That means in 10 lbs of product, there would be 2.1 lbs calcium and 1.7 lbs sulfate applied over the 1000 square feet. Example, if you have a fertilizer that is 10-10-10 and you are targeting 1 lb of N per 1000 square feet, you need 10 lbs of that fertilizer to accomplish that. If you want to blend in our product to supply Ca and S for…

Iowa Independent Crop Consultants Meeting

  I spoke today to the Iowa independent Crop Consultants Association about Sulfur. Was a great group of guys who asked a ton of questions. Here is the link to my presentation Here are some quick links to our literature on Sulfur:  Calcium & sulfur fertilization SuperCal SO4 SO4 vs FGD Blog Artilces on Sulfur Thanks for the opportunity to present today!   Yield Starts Here is a blog for farmers, focusing on increasing yield and profitability by focusing on the soil. It is managed by Craig Dick, a Blogronomist and Sales and Marketing Manager at Calcium Products. Find other articles by Craig and guest writers at .  


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