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What are the two types of gypsum; which to choose?

When choosing gypsum it has to be a calcium sulfate di-hydrate (CaSO4*2H2O). This form of gypsum is by far the most soluble form available. Let’s take a second to review the two major forms of gypsum in the marketplace today in lawn care. The first form is what I mentioned above, calcium sulfate di-hydrate (CaSO4*2H20) and the second form is simply calcium sulfate (anhydrite) (CaSO4). You’re probably thinking, ‘what’s the big deal, gypsum is gypsum and after all it’s only a commodity.’ But there actually is a huge difference. One is very fast acting and extremely water-soluble; the other is not. The di-hydrate form is what you need to look for. This type of gypsum is already infused with two extra molecules of water making it easier to break down.  This makes the nutrients available to the plant as soon as it dissolves into solution; with some brands that’s only…

145 million years in the making

Often I am asked about our source of gypsum and what makes it so special. I thought I would take this opportunity to share a piece of history with you. SuperCal SO4 is derived from calcium sulfate dihydrate or, for you chemistry fans, CaSO4*2H20. One of the purest gypsum deposits in the world, happens to be found in a very small region of Webster County, IA, near Fort Dodge. According to Raymond Anderson in his piece, Fort Dodge Gypsum: A Salt from Iowa’s Jurassic Sea, ”this deposit, part of the Jurassic-age Fort Dodge Formation (about 145 million years old), comprises one of the most pure gypsum deposits known on Earth.” Anderson went on to explain, “The gypsum at Fort Dodge, like most commercial-scale deposits, had its origins in the evaporation of seawater from a restricted shallow basin. Water from the Jurassic-age Sundance Sea passed over a low-lying barrier into the basin,…

Your turf doesn’t have to suffer in the drought!

Chances are good that you are one of the 57% in the midst of the drought affecting the USA. While it may be too late to keep your turf from going dormant, it is never too late to prepare for the future. I’ll try to not get too scientific but wanted to share some documented results in plant survival and drought tolerance. We have known for a long time at Calcium Products the benefits of gypsum in protecting against droughts and localized dry spots. The most important thing to remember when the weather becomes hot and dry is that it’s normal for your turf to go into survival mode known as dormancy. It is a natural reaction to a lack of water. Your turf is not dying, just shutting down to protect itself. If it stays in dormancy for an extended amount of time before you have to worry about…

Treating pet burns with SuperCal SO4

In a past blog on burn problems on turf I told you how SuperCal SO4 can help eliminate pet burn spots. I wanted to show you how well it works. I have a 2 year old Great Dane. Since our road is very busy, we let him out on a lead to do his business. I thought I had him trained to go around to the side yard near the field. I guess with the cold windy winter he wanted to do it out of the wind, right in front of the house. Since I do not farm, my yard is my crop and I take pride in making it look nice. A spotted dog is fine but a spotted lawn is not. To take care of the spots, I spread SuperCal SO4 at 40#/1000 sq ft on April 1st. There has been significant improvement.    SuperCal SO4 applied April 1    Yard…

Solve common lawn problems with SuperCal SO4

We mostly focus on row crops in our blog, however with the first day of spring here and warmer temperatures, many are thinking about their grass. For much of the Midwest the winter was very long with lots of snow and ice. To keep sidewalks clear lots of salt was used. Excess salt creates growth problems along the edges of sidewalks and streets. SuperCal SO4 is the best product to reduce the harmful effects of salt.    Severe de-icer burn, image credit: Have pets? SuperCal SO4 applied to urine burn spots will help facilitate faster re-growth.    Love your pet, hate your lawn? Early spring is a great time to apply SuperCal SO4 to increase water infiltration, improve root growth, and naturally aerate the soil. Applications of SuperCal SO4 improves plant vigor, keeps it greener though prolonged drought periods, provides calcium for reduced fungus, and sulfur for greener grass, and…


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