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Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: October 2009

Reducing Plant Disease with Dr. Don Huber

BRT Ag and Turf, a Calcium Products dealer is having an educational meeting December 16-18th.

This is a three day event in Williamsburg, IA and includes Larry Acker, Dr. Dan Skow, Bob Streit, Dr. Michael McNeill, Dr. Arden Andersen, and Dr. Don Huber.

We are especially excited to have Dr. Huber in Iowa. Dr. Huber is Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University. His research has shown how herbicides tie up micronutrients and what you can do to minimize yield loss and disease.

For more information click on these links or go to BRT website.

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Building Continues on Schedule

We are midway through the construction of our 3rd major addition to our manufacturing plants in 2 years! We are happy to say that it is on schedule and will be in operation soon after the first of the year.

With the wet weather it has not been easy, but our crews have been working overtime to get this building ready for production. There is still lots to do. we'll keep you posted.


Fly-In Plant Tour

Calcium Products was pleased this week to host one of our dealers.  Harold Hartzler, and his family, visited our plant at Fort Dodge.  Harold has been a dealer for many years, but has decided to start reducing the pace of his activities, and turn over many of the business responsibilities to his grandsons.

Since Harold and his family live in Ohio, they elected to fly to Fort Dodge.  After staying overnight, the group toured the SO4 facility,  While there, they were able to observe the production process from start to finish.  They were impressed with the large storage area, bagging equipment, and emphasis on quality control.

Harold, Jeff, Josh & Corbin-thank you for coming to visit.  We enjoyed our time with you!

We are always pleased to introduce our people and products.  If you have questions, or would like to visit, just ask!





Drying or Dying

I was catching up on some reading when I came across this picture.

It is from the October issue of Iowa Farm and Ranch. The caption reads "Fall colors are abundant throughout western Iowa, with corn and soybeans maturing and drying. Vibrant green in the grass and tree leaves make a beautiful contrast of colors. (Photo by Bruce A. Binning)" .

I think they may have a misprint int the caption, the corn and soybeans are "dying" not maturing and drying. I have seen lots of this premature yellowing/dying of crops this year. Hill tops and side hills all over Iowa looked like this.

When crops die early, they don't make it to full matruity and yield is lost. The reasons can be many for the crop dying early but there is only one solution, proper crop nutrition. Ensuring that you have proper soil pH, and proper calcium, sulfur, zinc, and boron levels will help your crop go the distance.

If you have seen your crop "maturing earlier", poor stalk quality, and high disease pressure, give us a call. We can help.

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