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Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: November 2012

Fun facts about the snow

Now that Winter Storm Draco (yes, the National Weather Service has decided to name winter storms just like hurricanes) has moved out of the midwest and is headed to the northeast, (I’ve got quite a pile of white stuff here in Wisconsin and our marketing gal in Iowa has a foot of snow at her place!) I thought it might be fun to share some wacky facts about snow!

180 billion
molecules of water in the average snowflake.

15 inches
the width of the biggest snowflake ever recorded

430 inches
amount of snow Stampede Pass, WA receives annually

6 sides
how many all snowflakes have

23 feet
circumference of largest snowball ever made

95 feet
most snowfall recorded in one year at one location

76 inches
record amount of snowfall recorded in a 24 hr period, Silver Lake, CO in 1921

…. I found these facts in my son’s “Boy’s Life” magazine. Hope you all found them as cool as I did!


Women, food & ag conference in Des Moines

We wanted to pass on some info on a January event that sounds fabulous — "Women Transforming the Landscape" is the 2012 Women, Food & Agriculture Network's annual conference. This year it's Jan. 20-21 in Des Moines and includes a keynote by Debra Eschmeyer, program director of FoodCorps. The conference includes a progressive dinner at some local restaurants and a great local winery.

Definitely sounds like a great event. Check it out or share it with women you know who may be interested!

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Blending SO4 with fertilizers

We got a question today on Twitter about blending calcium sulfate with other fertilizers so we're sharing the answer with everyone....

Our SuperCal SO4 gypsum (calcium sulfate) is compatible with any standard fertilizer. You should blend it to meet our application rate on the bag. Target your application at roughly 10-20 lbs of our product per 1000 square feet. 

Our calcium sulfate is analyzed at (0-0-0-21Ca, 17S), so for each 100 lbs of product, there is 21 lbs calcium and 17 lbs sulfate. That means in 10 lbs of product, there would be 2.1 lbs calcium and 1.7 lbs sulfate applied over the 1000 square feet.

Example, if you have a fertilizer that is 10-10-10 and you are targeting 1 lb of N per 1000 square feet, you need 10 lbs of that fertilizer to accomplish that. If you want to blend in our product to supply Ca and S for that same area, you should blend 10-20 lbs of our product in with the 10 lbs of standard fertilizer. If you want to make it simple and blend a whole 50 lb bag with our product, you can assume, at that targeted rate, you'll cover 5000 square feet with a 50 lb bag of 10-10-10, so you'll want to add 50-100 lbs of our product with that fertilizer.


More questions? Email me!


December Holiday Hours 2012

We're excited about the upcoming holidays and want to make sure our employees have time to celebrate with their families. That is why we will be closed for a few days. Please note the upcoming holiday hours:

Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) - loading feed lime only until noon at Gilmore City. All other facilities CLOSED.

Dec. 25 (Christmas) - CLOSED, all facilities

Dec. 31 (New Year's eve) - loading feed lime only until 3 p.m. at Gilmore City. All other facilities CLOSED.

Jan. 1 (New Year's day) - CLOSED, all facilities.


We hope you have a very wonderful holiday season with your family & friends!

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