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Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: May 2012

Fort Dodge plant closed 6/29-7/2

Due to electricity problems, our Fort Dodge plant will be closed June 29 through July 2. Loading service will resume at 7 a.m. on July 2. The plant will not have phone service either during this time period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. Please call our Gilmore City office at 1.800.255.8196 if you have questions or concerns.


Fun farm-lovin' photo Friday

Saw this cute tractor art on a garage in Slater, Iowa as I was passing through and had to share it. How do you display your love of the green+yellow, red, orange, or whatever brand has your heart? 


Come see us at the Farm Progress Hay Expo!

Tomorrow and Thursday we'll be at the Farm Progress Hay Expo in Boone, IA. This show highlights lots of new technology and there'll be plenty of great info. It's only $10 per carload of people so gather some friends or neighbors and head to Boone.

Stop out to our booth (#815) to see Glen and meet our newest salesguy, Pete!

(note: make sure you check the Expo's website for any weather-related changes!)


Happy flag day!


Flag day was officially established in 1916 but not officially assigned to June 14 until 1949. The first flag act was passed in 1777. That's many, many years of the American flag proudly flying.

Doesn't seeing our beautiful flag waving in the breeze fill you with pride? It always does for me. I especially love Flag day and Independence day for all the patriotism. These days are just a lovely reminder to embrace and appreciate our country, our freedoms and our fellow citizens. I have a great-uncle, a proud veteran, that carries flags with him and stops at homes with tattered flags. He asks them if he can properly retire their flag and replaces it with a new one from his stash. I love this about him and I often think of him, and all the other veterans who've fought for America's freedoms, when I see a lovely, large, crisp flag swaying in the wind.

Happy flag day!


Are you pinning?

Are you on Pinterest? Calcium Products is and we'd love to connect with you!

Visit and click 'follow all' and we'll then follow you back.

You can also send us things you'd like us to consider pinning from your pages or blogs you like.

We find so many cool ideas on Pinterest and enjoy the mental break from scrolling through so many beautiful photos! If you haven't yet, sign up to pin and join us!


A new name in the golf game

I was excited to hear that Ferrari has launched a golf line. Clubs, shoes & accessories for sale July 1. This description intrigues me:

“The club’s shape is the result of input from Ferrari’s aerodynamic engineers, who made changes to reduce drag as the club is swung through the air. The net result is a higher club head speed.”

Can’t wait to see what that looks like! Read more here.

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