Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: February 2014
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Calcium Products - Items filtered by date: February 2014

Calcium is key to root growth

In article from Science Daily, the growth of root hair is key to a plant pushing its roots further into the soil and not popping out of the soil.

“This ability is governed by a self-reinforcing cycle. A protein at the tip of root hairs called RHD2 produces free radicals that stimulate the uptake of calcium from the soil. Calcium then stimulates the activity of RHD2, producing more free radicals and further uptake of calcium. When an obstacle blocks the hair's path, the cycle is broken and growth starts in another location and direction.”

Have hard soil and/or low calcium soil, plan on a poor root system. Even the best genetics cannot over come hard or low calcium soil.


Greg Walstrom : Gilmore City Plant Manager

Greg has over 10 years’ experience at Calcium Products. Starting in the fine grind plant in 2003,  he quickly learned all aspects of the Gilmore City operations. Greg assisted in the 2007 expansion of the Gilmore City pellet plant. In 2010 he was promoted to night shift supervisor and lead the night shift build team for the 2013 Fort Dodge expansion.  Greg’s competency in plant maintenance, fabrication and dedication to process improvements and plant efficiency is a key component to the success of the Gilmore City operations. Greg resides on an acreage with his wife and 3 kids and enjoys his free time camping with his family.



We've got new headquarters!

We are settling into our new headquarters in Gilmore City. We remodeled the local Catholic school building to house several of our administration staff and supplies — the ultimate upcycling! If you ever visited our old office you probably remember how dusty and noisy they were being attached to the manufacturing buildings. This new office space is 2 minutes away but provides a little peace and quiet!

We're also happy to keep building in Gilmore City. It's a small Iowa city but it's OUR hometown. Hopefully as we keep growing we'll be able to add a few more jobs in this new office.

The local paper did a story about our new offices. We thought our blog readers might enjoy reading it. If you're in the Gilmore City area, please stop on by!

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