Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: agronomy

Calcium Products - Displaying items by tag: agronomy

SmartPhone Apps for Farmers

Smartphones are growing in use by many farmers. Our team has scoured the web looking for helpful smartohone applications. Let us know if we missed any and we’ll add them to the list!
Business / Office / News
By The Farm Progress Companies. Available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
Cost: Free
Farm Futures now offers the agricultural industry’s first management-oriented smartphone application that provides the most current and insightful market analysis, enhanced user-customized live CBOT/CME market quotes, ag news and audio content – and more – all updated throughout each business day.
The Farm Futures app puts the key ag information producers and anyone in the ag industry needs each day to stay current.
• Top industry news and views
• Market insight from ag’s leading market analysts
• Preset CBOT/CME market quotes overview
• User-customized commodities portfolio
• Audio podcasts from Farm Futures editors
• Blogs and commentary from Farm Futures’ analysts and economists
By Sandhills Publishing. Available for Android platform.
Cost: Free
Featuring thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers through North America, TractorHouse for Android lets you drill down instantly to the category, make, and model you need.
Full-color photos, complete descriptions, and location maps for each machine are included. TractorHouse finds your location and first displays the for-sale listings closest to you. Find your equipment, contact the seller, and make your best deal.
By Telvent DTN, Inc. For iphone platform
Cost: Free
DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News, Markets and Weather. Get the agriculture industry’s most powerful content app specifically designed for the iPad. This app meets your information needs with access to award-winning agriculture news, commodity market data, and industry-specific weather intelligence. 
Agronomy / Soils / Crops
By SDSU AgBio Communications. Available for Android platform.
Cost: Free
This iPhone application was assembled to provide growers and crop managers in South Dakota and nearby states with easy-to-use and handy diagnostic information for a number of major or potentially problematic soybean diseases. It is intended to provide a starting point for management decisions. All management decisions remain the responsibility of the individual grower or crop manager.
By Smith Farm Apps. Available for iPhone platform
Cost: $2.99
An innovative Application providing the professional agriculture/farming community real time useful calculations for the planting of corn from specific inputs resulting in the correct spacing of the corn being planted. Inputs such as population desired, cost per acre, seed counts and spacing in inches or in a metric format are achi

It has what plants crave...

Winter is a busy time for the sales staff at Calcium Products. We attend lots of meetings, conferences and events. Many times we get to share the stage with other manufacturers. Many of these companies will tell you the secret to why their product is so great is, “it's powered by (insert any nebulous word, scientific sounding description or acronym here)." They'll follow it with a strong pitch of "our results speak for themselves," and "trust us, it really works great, we know you’ll love it!"

This is all well and good but if the sales person doesn’t understand the mode of action, physics and/or chemistry and biology behind their product, how do you, the agronomist or farmer, actually know it is a fit for your agronomic needs?

Many of these pitches remind me of the 2006 movie “Idocracy.” The premise is an 'average Joe,' is frozen for 500 years and awakes to find society has become so incredibly dumb he is now the smartest person alive. The following clip shows Joe, now on the president’s cabinet, explaining why crops are not growing. Note: Brawndo is the future’s equivalent of a sports drink.

At Calcium Products, we strive to help farmers and agronomist understand WHY our products work so well. We’ll help you understand the science of soil so you have the information to know whether our products are a fit for your acres. It’s that simple. No hard sale, no jargon, just information.

Oh and in case you missed it, don’t sign up for any Army studies to be frozen for 500 years, people are getting dumber according to a Standford geneticist!



GCSAA members – the unseen heroes of many a golf course!

Golf Course superintendents’ work is often seen, but they are rarely seen or their work realized. It is not an uncommon practice for the maintenance staff at a golf facility to be up working well before the sun comes up.

As a PGA member since 1999, I certainly appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to be in the golf industry, but I know it takes even more hard work and dedication to be in charge of the grounds and maintenance. More times than not, GCSAA members and their colleagues do not get the accolades they deserve. I consider golf course superintendents the unsung heros of the golf industry.

Next time you see your golf course superintendent keep in mind, their jobs are often 24/7 shifts. It takes time, patience, flexibility, and supreme organization to manage 100 acres or more of managed turf, not to mention their staff and their families.

Yes, it is true; superintendents do mow grass, rake bunkers and pick up trash but consider this:



An ambassador for your facility

An environmental steward

A mentor to their staff

An agronomist for the facility

A communicator to the membership

Facility manager for the ground department

Human resources director for their area

OSHA director

Financial planner managing the facility’s largest portion of the budget

Material scheduler and planner

Landscape and golf course architect

A certified, licensed applicator

An artist

A mechanic

An irrigation technician


Public speaker

An educator

A political activist


The next time you head out the golf course, be sure to spend a couple of minutes getting to know the golf course superintendent and thank him for all the hard work and commitment they provide for your golfing enjoyment!

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