Calcium Product 98G


Reclaiming your golf course . . . .

Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate is the most popular and most commonly used material to reclaim sodic soils and treat soils irrigated with reclaimed, sodic water. Please note that this article started with calcium sulfate dihydrate as the source, not calcium sulfate. I want to be clear, there is a huge difference; knowing what you’re applying is key to reclaiming your golf course.

Carboxylic acid . . . is it worth the price?

Carboxylic acids are added to some gypsum products to act as a ‘complexing agent.’ One of the claims is that these acids make the calcium ‘more available’ for plant uptake. For the calcium and sulfur to be plant available it needs to be in the soil solution. Using a simple test, one can determine how soluble a product is. Our research has shown that SuperCal SO4 is more soluble than products containing expensive carboxylic acids.  

Any soil amendment will do….

  Many growers think all soil amendments are created equally. The demanding grower knows better, as the demanding Tequila drinker knows that not all Tequila is created equal. Check out this fun video Not Just any Tequila from Hornitos Tequila Choosing any soil amendment product is worse than asking for any haircut. Hair grows back, yields don’t! Protect your high yielding crops by asking for SuperCal!  



Pasture Management

The current cost of fertilizer, corn, and land has many livestock owners wondering how to stay profitable. Unfortunately there are not quick solutions. This article on nutrient cycling in pastures should help. I have condensed it for quicker reading.  Appropriate pasture management can enhance the nutrient cycle, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Two practical indicators of soil health are the number of earthworms and the percentage of organic matter in the soil.


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