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Fertility or Genetics?

Over Christmas break I had a lively discussion with my brother-in-law (Andrew) about genetics and environment. Andrew is in med school studying to become a surgeon. He was adamant that genetics is 80-90% responsible for the outcome of your health.

I was adamant that genetics was only 10-20% and your environment was 80-90% of your outcome. My basis for this is that many farmers plant the same hybrid varieties and have such a different outcome from field to field. While some verities my be predisposed to higher yield, plant in the wrong location, the results are disastrous.

I don't know if corn is more susceptible to the environment than people, and Andrew is pretty sharp, and has always been at the top of his class, so I owe it to him to research his point of view. Since its a slow week, I thought a poll question would be a fun way to get input from a variety of view points.

Is soil fertility more important than genetics?

Let us know what you think, we will post the results next month.

How did the discussion end? Well, At the end of the night, Andrew and I agreed that the winner of our bowling match was not a good way to settle the argument and we would both research the topic more.

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