Address Soil pH This Spring With 98G

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Ag

Choose 98G for your spring pH management

When inclement weather shrinks the fall fertilizer application window, liming applications are often skipped. Therefore, soil pH remains sub-optimal and dollars invested in nutrient management can be wasted due to limited plant availability, ultimately leading to a loss in yield.

Traditional liming materials don’t react quick enough to be spring applied and aren’t typically considered for spring applications due to operational hurdles. Calcium Products’ 98G pelletized limestone handles like a traditional fertilizer and exhibits rapid reactivity, making it a perfect choice for spring pH management.

Due to its processing prior to pelletizing, 98G is very reactive and will reach full reactivity within 3 months of application, making nutrients available and ensuring full utilization of your fertilizer investment.

Why should you maintain your pH?

While pH correction applications may be the primary focus of a liming program, we are seeing yield benefits from our pH maintenance program. Maintenance rates are intended to neutralize acidity created by ammonium-based nitrogen fertilizers. As ammonium is converted to nitrate, free hydrogen is left behind in the soil, creating acidic conditions.

Benefits of maintaining your soil pH

98G Maintenance rates average 250 lbs/A. Corn plot research conducted in the past two growing seasons has shown an average of 7 bu/A increase on acidic ground below 6.0. This may be an attractive application option for growers who are looking to limit their liming investment and see a return within the season of application.

Regardless of the application strategy used, 98G pelletized limestone is a viable option for spring applications to combat low soil pH.


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