Sulfur Response Seen on Corn in Rockwell, IA SO4 Trial

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Ag

SO4 at 200 lbs/A vs no sulfur

Throughout the Midwest, Calcium Products collaborates with ag retailers to conduct strip trials. On June 10, we stopped by Rockwell, Iowa, where we have partnered with Hefty Seed Company on an SO4 pelletized gypsum trial.

This SO4 trial was conducted to compare SO4 to no sulfur on corn. Conventional tillage was done in the fall and spring across the entire field. After planting, SO4 was applied by a broadcast spreader before the corn emerged. By V3-V4, there was a height, color, and root structure difference between the corn that had and had not been fertilized with SO4.

The photo above shows a visual response to the post-planting SO4 application. The left half of the field had 200 lbs/A of SO4 (34 lbs/A sulfur) applied, while the right half of the field had no sulfur applied.

The difference in height and root structure can be seen in the photo below. Plants that received 200 lbs/acre of SO4 had thicker, more fibrous roots (left) compared to corn plants not receiving any SO4 (right).

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