University Research Shows 98G is the Most Rapid and Sustained Liming Product

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Ag

Comparing efficiency of pH change among liming products
Recent Iowa State University research compared the efficiency of soil pH change among 98G pelletized limestone, a calcitic aglime and a dolomitic aglime typical of what is found in Iowa.

Watch the video below to hear me explain the key findings of the study and what it means for 98G application rates in the field.

98G results in the most rapid and sustained pH change
The key finding in the study was that 98G raised soil pH 0.7 units higher than the dolomitic aglime and 1.0 units higher than the calcitic aglime (shown in the line graph above). 98G was the most rapid and sustained liming material tested. This challenges the concern that 98G is a quick fix that then fades away.

By definition, dolomitic aglime means it has a certain level of magnesium. The magnesium negatively affects the speed and longevity of a liming material’s reactivity, which causes is to be the least efficient product to raise soil pH.

Lower rates of 98G achieve the same results as aglime
The rates of each liming product used in the study were equalized on the ECCE (Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent) basis, which is a measurement used to consider purity, particle size and moisture – all of which impact how effective a given amount of a liming material will be at changing soil pH.

The 100% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a benchmark of which to compare liming materials used in the field. 98G is the only liming product that came close to the 100% calcium carbonate. When comparing application rates in the field of 98G vs aglime, this substantiates that we can reasonably target a lower pH of 6.0 with 98G vs 6.5 when using aglime. This difference in target pH results in using a lower rate of 98G while still achieving the same results seen with aglime.

We recognize this research is complex and technical, but it does have have important implications on why and how we arrive at 98G application rates compared to aglime.

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