Using SO4 as a Soil Amendment

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Ag

Sulfur + soil quality
SO4 pelletized gypsum is a great sulfur fertilizer, but many farmers and agronomists are familiar with gypsum for its soil amending benefits. The calcium in SO4 displaces sodium in soils, which in turn helps with water infiltration and soil quality.

I talk more about SO4 and its soil amending properties in the video below. Check it out.

When to use SO4 as a soil amendment
Predicting where and when soil amending benefits will be realized with SO4 is situational and takes into account a lot of factors. However, many of our dealers have had success using SO4 as a soil amendment in the following situations:

  • New tile installations
  • Tight soils
  • Seedling emergence issues
  • Soil crusting
  • High salt content

Recommended application rate
We recommend doing test strips in the most problematic areas of the field. An SO4 application rate of about 300+ lbs/acre works well for a soil amending test plot. A more widespread application could be used in the next season if favorable results are seen.

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