Avoid a Soil pH Rollercoaster by Using 98G

Soil pH is the foundation of nutrient availability and critical to maximizing crop yield. The availability of all nutrients is impacted by soil pH levels, especially phosphorus (P).

How 98G Compares to Aglime

When soil pH is below 6.0, it can reduce your yield by as much as 30%. Calcium Products’ 98G pelletized limestone is the most effective and consistent product to correct and maintain soil pH.

Soil pH has traditionally been addressed about every five years with aglime. Rather than create a pH rollercoaster in the field with infrequent aglime applications, 98G can be used as part of a pH maintenance program with annual or biannual applications. 98G is a more reactive liming material than aglime keeping soil pH at a level to maximize yield potential – typically 6.0 – year in and year out.

Take a look at how 98G compares to aglime when it comes to correcting and maintaining your soil pH.

Experience the Benefits of 98G

Change Soil pH Quickly

98G corrects soil pH faster and more completely than aglime. It is the most reactive liming material because it’s made from 98% pure calcitic limestone and ground to an ultra-fine powder before it is pelletized. 98G pellets are engineered and manufactured to a specific size and hardness so that the pellets handle well and spread uniformly, yet break down in the field to change soil pH. 98G is fully reactive at about three to six months after application.

Maintain Soil pH to Consistently Maximize Yield

Once soil pH is restored, use 98G to maintain pH levels with more frequent, lower rate applications. Leaving yield on the table is unacceptable, and maintaining proper soil pH is a critical piece of good fertility management and maximizing yield.

Enjoy Application Flexibility

98G can be applied in flat-rate or variable-rate applications. It can be mixed with other dry fertilizers reducing the number of trips across the field and spread spring or fall. This flexibility means you can address soil pH when and how it works for you with the same equipment used to spread other dry fertilizers.

Talk to Your Agronomist

Consider reaching out to your agronomist for a side-by-side precision application map comparing aglime and 98G. This comparison is the most accurate way to understand how to correct and maintain soil pH in a cost-effective way.

98G Trial Results

See the results of our 98G yield trials in Nebraska and South Dakota.

98G Application Rate Calculator - pH Correction

Target pH
Buffer pH
Soil pH
98G Rate (lbs/A)

98G Application Rate Calculator - pH Maintenance

Maintenance rates are intended to neutralize the acidity caused by ammoniated nitrogen fertilizers. Based on our research, a 1:1 ratio of nitrogen units to lbs of 98G is the most effective way to neutralize this in-season acidification, keeping your pH where it should be and maximizing your yield.

Nitrogen Units Applied
98G Rate (lbs/A)

Hear from Our Happy Customers

“The fields that had the 98G were heads and shoulders above the ones that had not,” says Toay. “We noticed an immense difference in the thickness and weed population verse the fields that did not have the 98G. The alfalfa is green. It’s vibrant. It looks like it wants to pop out of the ground.”

Dan Toay

Wisconsin Farmer

“We can handle it well. It stores well. It goes through our air-flow machines well, and we’ve noticed there is less dust.”

Dan Durst

Agronomy Manager, Premier Co-op; Mt. Horeb, WI

“98G has the ability to mix with other dry fertilizers because they have the same size granular pellet so you can cut out an application, cut out a cost for the farmer, make it more efficient.”

Eric Blabaum

Applicator Operator, Premier Co-op; Mt. Horeb, WI

Find a Calcium Products Dealer Near You

If you’re a grower interested in using 98G, use our locator to find a dealer in your area that can help you through how to get started.

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