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Our technical service team has expertise and trainings that cover a variety of topics related to 98G and SO4 including:


  • Soil pH and how it relates to a healthy crop environment (pH is a master variable)
  • Soil pH influence on nutrient availability
  • Liming and crop response to adjusting pH
  • How a maintenance program will benefit the grower (acidification from fertilizers)
  • Differences between correction and maintenance of soil pH
  • Grower and dealer profitability of 98G vs. aglime
  • Operational benefits from using 98G vs. aglime
  • How to use 98G in your operation (application, timing, blending, etc.)
  • Why rates are lower for 98G vs. aglime
  • How to best show the rate and financial differences to a grower (VR map comparison)
  • Differences between pell-limes and 98G (including pounds equivalence)
  • 98G Challenge participation
  • Updated 98G research
  • Familiarization with product manuals, use guides, or other technical tools
  • Provide deeper science on pH as requested; potential offering of CCA credits


  • Crop response to sulfur
  • Differences among sulfur sources and how they behave in soil (solubility and acidification)
  • Fertilizer solubility and why it matters for crop health
  • Solubility study among different sulfur sources
  • Economic grower and dealer comparison from different sulfur sources
  • How to use SO4 in your operation (application timing, blending, application rate, etc.)
  • Differences between SO4 and other gypsum products (synthetic and mined)
  • Why calcium is considered important in soils
  • How gypsum can remediate sodic soils and potential improvements to high magnesium soils
  • Updated SO4 research
  • Familiarization with product manuals, use guides or other technical tools
  • Provide deeper science on sulfur and calcium as requested; potential offering of CCA credits

Let Calcium Products Train Your Team

o Our technical support services are intended to aid your precision specialists and sales team in successfully implementing 98G and SO4 into fertility recommendations. Ask your Territory Sales Manager for details on the following technical services:

Precision Ag Equations

Consult with our technical team regarding soil test results and recommendations.

Soil Test Consultation

Integrate 98G and SO4 variable rate equations into your precision ag software.

Strip Trial Cooperation

Partner with us to plan and execute a strip trial showing our products at work.

SO4 Trial Program

Our SO4 Retailer Trial Program is designed to help retailers familiarize themselves with SO4. After the program is complete, Calcium Products will provide you with a printed portfolio and flash drive with information and photos and/or videos we gathered throughout the growing season. This content will then be available for you to use in your company newsletters, social media, blog posts, and other materials as identified.

Materials Needed


  • Select growers and identify fields
  • A signed photo and video release form, giving Calcium Products permission to use photos, video, and data collected during the trial


  • Application maps
  • Soil maps
  • Yield maps and data
  • Potential interview for a testimonial

Work with your territory sales manager (TSM) to determine application rates, application timing, crop, control strip, as well as any other trial details.

Tour Our Plants

We want you to see the quality of our products and manufacturing facilities firsthand and would be honored to host you and your company in Iowa for a tour of our plants. Work with your territory sales manager to determine whether you should visit Fort Dodge or Gilmore City, and what timing would work best for your group.

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