98G For Topdress Application

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Ag

Starts to work in a few weeks; will get benefits in same growing season even with later application
98G works quickly, much quicker than ag lime. This is due to its high purity (94% CCE) and small particle size (90% or more thru 100-mesh screen). This means it is very efficient at pH modification and will benefit the growing crop, even with a post-emergence application.

Crop safe; no negative effects on crop emergence/growth
Many fertilizer materials can injure growing plants, especially under stressful conditions. 98G does not have that same concern and is safe for placing with seed and top-dressing on an emerged crop.

Later application window allows for operational flexibility & reduces impacts from weather, etc.
This spring is likely to be as frantic as other years, due to delays in fieldwork and planting. Applying 98G after planting or crop emergence allows for flexibility in timing without concern for unfavorable results. It will still solubilize quickly and assist in getting your crop off to a fantastic start.

Can be applied with other dry fertilizers (SO4, urea)
98G can easily be combined with other fertilizers (SO4 and urea is a frequent combination), to maximize application efficiency.

Typical rates (200-300#/A) are similar to other dry fertilizer rates
Typical maintenance application rates for 98G are 200-300#/acre. These rates have been very effective at improving corn yields while not breaking the crop budget. Average yield increase on corn is 11.8 bu/A.

Make sure to check fertilizer densities frequently to ensure accurate spreader settings/application
Fertilizers often vary in their density. We recommend checking this several times daily to ensure accurate spreader settings are being utilized.

Consult with the manufacturer of other products on any concerns or questions regarding product efficacy, product interactions, etc.
Many product labels recommend the use of pelletized limestone, like 98G, to assist in accurate mixing and application properties. Consult with the product manufacturer & label to determine if 98G is a good addition to mixtures containing nitrogen stabilizers, fertilizer additives or pesticide.

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