Fertilize Soybeans with SO4 and Potash this fall

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Ag

Maximize yield with sulfur and potassium

Feed next year’s soybean crop by giving it adequate nutrition to drive up yield. Ask your agronomist about applying a blend of SO4 and potash ahead of soybeans this fall.

SO4 is the only sulfur source that is non-acidifying. It is 21% calcium and 17% sulfur and doesn’t contain nitrogen that can negatively affect nodulation on soybeans. Sulfur is an important part of soybean synthesis, while the calcium is used for cell wall strength to protect against fungal disease.

Recommended Application Rate

A 70 bu/A soybean crop removes 13 units of sulfur. SO4 applied at 75 lbs/A will provide that level of sulfur nutrition for the crop to achieve maximum yield.

SO4 Increases Yield on Soybeans

A series of 48 trials on soybean fields across the Midwest were conducted to evaluate the effect of SO4 on soybeans as a sulfur source compared to no sulfur. The average application rate was 150 lbs/A and showed a 3.5 bu/A increase vs. the untreated control.

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