How to Get Started With a pH Maintenance Program

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Ag

Neutralize Acidification from Nitrogen
All nitrogen fertilizers contain hydrogen (H+) ions as part of their chemical composition. Plants will utilize the nitrogen as either ammonium (NH4+) or nitrate (NO3-), depending upon their needs. Regardless of the form utilized, hydrogen ions remain behind in the soil, leading to acidification. Soil pH maintenance programs can be achieved by applying enough 98G to neutralize the acidification resulting from nitrogen application.

Andrew Hoiberg, Ph.D. and VP of Research and Development, explains how a grower and their agronomist can get started with a soil pH maintenance program and 98G.

1:1 ratio of 98G and Nitrogen
In order to offset acidity from nitrogen fertilizer, we recommend growers and agronomists consider applying about 1 lb of 98G per 1 unit of nitrogen. This commonly results in a 98G application rate of 200-300 lbs/A every other year in a corn-soybean rotation.

Application timing of 98G is flexible. It can be applied fall or spring ahead of either corn or soybeans and can be blended with other dry fertilizers.

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