Thicker, Greener Alfalfa with 98G Pelletized Limestone

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Ag

Growing vibrant alfalfa that wants to pop out of the ground

Wisconsin farmer, Dan Toay, shares his experience testing 98G to improve his alfalfa stands.

“The fields that had the 98G were heads and shoulders above the ones that had not,” says Toay. “We noticed an immense difference in the thickness and weed population verse the fields that did not have the 98G. The alfalfa is green. It’s vibrant. It looks like it wants to pop out of the ground.”

Ag retailer, Premier Co-op, values the convenience of handling, storing and applying 98G

Dan Durst appreciates how easy 98G is to use. “We can handle it well. It stores well. It goes through our air-flow machines well, and we’ve noticed there is less dust,” says Durst.

Applicator operator, Eric Blabaum, likes 98G’s flexibility. “98G has the ability to mix with other dry fertilizers because they have the same size granular pellet so you can cut out an application, cut out a cost for the farmer, make it more efficient,” says Blabaum.

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